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Academy of Art University: A Place to Learn, Grow, and Succeed in the Creative Industry

Consider the Academy if you are looking for a school that can help you pursue your passion for art and design. Founded in 1929 and family-owned, it is one of the nation’s largest private, accredited art and design schools. It offers more than 120 programs online, on campus, or virtually, covering various fields such as advertising, animation, architecture, fashion, game development, web design, and more.

Academy of Art is a school and a community of creative professionals dedicated to helping you master your craft and prepare for your career. You will learn from some of the finest minds in today’s creative industry, who will teach you a disciplined approach to art and design that blends your talents, technical skills, and professional knowledge. You will also have opportunities to work and network with industry partners like Subaru, Black Crow Studios, Stellantis, and Vogue Business. You will create a career-ready portfolio showcasing your abilities and potential to employers.

The Academy is also a place where you can enjoy a vibrant student life. Located in San Francisco, one of the world’s great creative capitals, you will be surrounded by culture, diversity, and inspiration. You can choose to live in one of the residence halls that offer convenience, comfort, and security. You can also participate in various clubs and activities that suit your interests and passions. If you are a student-athlete, you can join the NCAA Division II athletics program that empowers you to realize your full potential academically, personally, and professionally.

Academy of Art University is an inclusive school that welcomes anyone who wants to obtain higher learning in art and design. It has an admissions policy independent of your past elsewhere but of your future with them. Whether you are a high school graduate, a transfer student, or a veteran, you will find all the necessary tools and support to further your education at the Academy of Art. You can also benefit from various scholarships and financial aid options to help you afford your tuition.

To learn more about the Academy of Art, you can request information or apply online through their website. You can also browse their degrees or view their professional enrichment courses. You can also schedule an information tour to visit their campus and facilities.

Academy of Art University is where you can defy the ordinary and create the extraordinary. It is a place where you can learn, grow, and succeed in the creative industry. It is a place where you can find your business and your purpose. Take advantage of this opportunity to join the Academy of Art University today! Check out on for more details.