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  Vijay Eswaran Demonstrates Leadership Through Pillars

Most people do not know what it takes to be a leader. While others view leadership as a title, Vijay Eswaran is of the contrary opinion. According to Vijay, leadership is something that someone earns. Those in business might think that just because their title in their company shows they are in a leadership position, then they are leaders. The label on the business card is not what defines you as a leader but instead what guides your life and informs your decisions.

As a business leader and all-around leader, Vijay Eswaran has many people who inspire him and show what leadership is. These people are the likes of Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, among many others. These are some of the people who had a significant impact on society and the world during their times. A leader like Steve Jobs drew his leadership inspiration from his impact on people. According to him, to be a leader, you have to inspire others. Dr. Martin Luther King is a perfect example of inspiring society; African Americans fought for their rights because of him.

By observing the lives of world-renowned leaders, one can see the pillar of leadership. Pillar number one is being able to take ownership. Leaders realize their potential and are pushed forward to stay in control without letting other people define life for them. The second pillar involved empowerment. A good leader will show others how to become better. Through empowerment, people can dream and become more significant than they are. Thirdly, leaders have to be driven by a specific purpose. An individual that is driven by purpose is someone whose character is normal. The last pillar of leadership is care. Even from history, Vijay Eswaran states that true leaders demonstrated significant amounts of care towards their people.

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